Saturday, April 1, 2017

Goodbye Miss Jane

Today our community said goodbye to a very special woman. Big Pasture bus driver, Jane Green. As a teacher, I don't always get to see the homes my students come from. Picking up and dropping off children each day, Jane got a glimpse into the home life of our students. You can't imagine how important a bus driver is unless you're a kid who comes from a less than perfect home where you may never get a hug or smile. Imagine that yellow bus pulling up and opening the door is a smiling Miss Jane with a warm hello and good morning. In the life of some children, Jane's warm smile was a beacon that made their day a little brighter and my job as a teacher, a little easier. Jane treated every child, no matter who they were, (or how they behaved on her bus) with kindness and love. She leaves behind a legacy of caring and generations of children who adore her. My love and prayers go out to her husband Toby and the entire Green family. She will be greatly missed.