Sunday, April 9, 2017

Surprise Baby Girl!

My latest obsession is entering this flash fiction contest I found online. Flash fiction are short stories from 100 to 1000 words. I want to enter this contest just because lately I've had a lot of experience with my creative writing class writing really short stories. Well, I spent a couple hours yesterday polishing a story I thought would be good but after a frustrating couple of hours decided to scrap it. I looked through all my stories I've written in the past two months and decided to dust this one off. When I wrote it over a month ago, the story popped out of my brain and onto the page within an hour. I don't know where I came up with it, it was just there and it was the easiest writing assignment so far. Here it is. Let me know what you think.

Surprise Baby Girl!
"Where is she? She said two and its already a quarter past."  I said.
"Chancy you know your mama. She's always late.  Used to drive Mama and Daddy crazy when we were teenagers." Aunt Mimi patted her short, bouffant red hair in place and took a drag off her Salem.
We were standing in Aunt Mimi and Uncle Chuck's driveway.  I'd been staying with them while my Mama was gone but she was coming home today. I glanced at my Timex and then down Aunt Mimi’s tree lined street. Where was she?
 Mama owned the Cut and Curl beauty shop in town. When my second cousin, Francie had won the Miss Texas pageant, Francie had gotten mama hired on as part of her beauty team that traveled with her to the nationally televised pageant in Atlantic City. 
Unfortunately, Francie got cut in the first round of the pageant. Aunt Mimi, Uncle Chuck and I watched it on their television. Francie got all flustered when the judges asked her what advice she would give to young people who were offered drugs. After looking blankly, Francie finally stuttered, "I-It's not good."
 "Oh, my…Well, at least her hair looked good!" Aunt Mimi had said and turned the television off. That was two days ago.
"I think that's her!" Aunt Mimi pointed at a long, white Buick Wildcat driving toward us a half block away.  Sure enough, Mama was waving out the passenger window, a bright blue scarf tied around her red hair.
"Whose car is she in and who is that driving?" Two weeks ago Mama had driven the sixty miles to the DFW airport in her tan Dodge Dart.
"Now Chancy be patient. She'll explain everything when she gets here."
"Explain?" I asked. “What?”
The Buick swung in the driveway and barely stopped before Mama jumped out squealing like a pig with her arms wide open. "Baby girl!" She yelled and grabbed me to her chest. I hugged her back and inhaled the familiar scent of her favorite perfume, Fame by Corday.
"Oh baby girl I missed you!" she said.
"I missed you too Mama," I said. My irritation was gone. I was just so glad to have her back home.
I heard a man clear his throat. Mama pulled away beaming. "Baby, I want you to meet someone." She pulled me toward a well-dressed man in his early forties standing near the car. "This is Richard. We met in Atlantic City. He was one of the judges at the pageant."
"Hello," I said. I was feeling confused but then alarm bells went off in my head as I watched Richard put his arm around Mama's shoulder.
"I have a surprise… Look!" Mama held up her and Richard's left hands and I saw the matching gold bands encircling their third fingers. A large diamond ring snuggled closely to mama's band. "We got married!" Mama squealed and they beamed like idiots at me, oblivious to my shock. 
"Married? But you were only gone two weeks! You don't even know him!" The words sounded hateful but I couldn't help it.  I looked at Aunt Mimi’s smiling face. "You knew?" 
Aunt Mimi took my hands in hers and I briefly tried to pull away. "Chancy baby your Mama deserves to be as happy as your Uncle Chuck and I. Richard sounds like a wonderful man. He owns his own business in Dallas!"
Richard stepped forward and enfolded my stiff body in his arms. “I can’t wait till you come to Dallas and meet my boys. I just know they are going to love their new sister.” He stepped back and beamed.
"Did you hear that baby? You have two brothers!”
How could Mama do this? It had just been just the two of us my whole life. I had never cared much that my daddy had walked out the door before I could walk. I had Mama and now mama…had Richard. I felt the anger build inside.  I wanted to scream the nastiest word I could think of till their smiles melted from their happy faces. I wanted to stomp and scream and yell, “How dare you!” I filled my lungs and opened my mouth, ready spew my anger at all three of them when I saw Richard rubbing mama’s arm absent-mindedly and mama was looking up at him in a way I had never seen before. They were so excited. I slowly closed my mouth and swallowed my scream.
“Brothers,” I said, pasting a smile on my face. “Cool.”