Thursday, June 26, 2014

Confessions of a Teacher Blog Groupie/Stalker

This morning I walked into my kitchen and upon seeing a sink full of dishes, told my husband, "Baby we're gonna have to fire that maid! She's not doing her job!" He chuckled and said, "Yup."

Now before you judge me too harshly or feel overly sorry for my out of work, former maid let me put your mind at ease. We don't have a maid. With hubby off to work each day and me at home for the summer, that's kind of my job and I must confess I've been slacking off. Before you think me a slob let me clarify, I can't stand a sink full of dishes. I'm just sure the germs are accumulating and mutating every second they sit there. So why would I leave a sink full of dishes--overnight, no less?! Because every evening for the past three weeks I have indulged in my latest obsession.
The moment I have any free time I grab my iPad and...oh my I am so stalk. It's true. Every evening I have to check out my Bloglovin feed and see if any of my favorite teacher bloggers have posted anything new. Then if they haven't, I go and check out their old stuff and before you know it I am mired in blogs. Each of my favorites has a blog roll (like my right column) with a load of other teacher blog links. Quite innocently, I will click on one of these links and time seems to speed up and I find I've blogged for thirty minutes or more (usually the latter).

The other day I had to interrupt my blog stalking to parent my son, Seth. I was so worried I would not remember where I had seen all these potentially awesome teacher blog links on a website I was stalking (tragic!). To ensure this did not happen, I took a screen shot of the site with my iPad. Sounds pretty desperate, huh?
If you look at the top  of this picture you can see the tabs of all the sites I was at previously. All teacher blogs. 

But that is not all. I've become a teacher blog groupie. I don't just read the blogs, I have to comment--a lot. My status as a groupie occurred to me as I was about to press publish on a comment I had made on the blog Smedley's Smorgasbord of Kindergarten. I had just read his latest post about CNN asking him for an interview (obviously they are Smedley groupies too). I, being the consummate groupie, was about to write a cutsie "Yay for you!" when I realized I had commented on his posts every day this week. Kinda creepy, huh? 

Now though this obsession with blogging and blogs worries me, I don’t have any immediate plans to stop. For now, it seems harmless (except for the mutating germs on the dirty dishes). Besides, I figure school will start in August and it will get better. Our school has a lovely filter system on the computer network that keeps kids from visiting anything unsavory. It also keeps the teachers from seeing anything even mildly entertaining. Yes, I have a feeling that filter will put a stop to any blog groupie/stalking activity while at school. But have no fear Smedley my dear (and all my other favorites--Mrs. Jump and A Teeny Tiny Teacher, just to name a few). In the evening (after the dishes are washed), I will be checking on you—and probably commenting.