Monday, July 14, 2014

My First Teachers Pay Teachers Freebie!

Sooo excited! I just uploaded my first TPT freebie!

This is a learning center I originally created about ten years ago for my kindergarten students. When I decided to do a freebie for Teachers Pay Teachers, I got this one out and started revamping it and beefing it up. I have used this activity with several of my kindergarten groups and they loved it. 

I find it makes it a little more interesting if you put a plastic spoon with it so they can scoop up the picture cards. Doing this adds an extra dimension of fun but you always run the risk of having some industrious little monkey discover he can put the card in the spoon and then when he hits the handle, the card pops up. Of course the little monkey has to share it with all his friends and you can imagine what happens next. I always nip that in the bud by threatening to take away the spoon. I know. I am the fun sucker. 

So if you want to pick up this awesome freebie (is that bragging? Oh well!), click on the cute little button below (or the big one above) and download it. Have an great Monday!
 Click it!