Friday, July 22, 2016

The No Sew Bolster Pillow Cover

In less than three weeks, my kinders will be walking through my classroom door! I am infused with the energy I often feel at this time of year while getting things ready. My wonderful sister, Linda and her sweet husband, Jim have offered me an iron crib they bought a few years ago at an auction. Linda planned on making it into a garden decoration but never did so she suggested I re-purpose the crib into a little "sofa" for my class reading corner. What a cool idea! This weekend they are spray painting it my favorite turquoise. In anticipation, I ordered some minky material a few weeks ago to cover the mattress and pillows I bought. It is going to be so cute!

Well after reading about minky, I learned it is a bit slippery and difficult to handle. Yikes! I can sort of sew a straight stitch but that is about as far as my skills go on the sewing machine. The minky material has sat in my craft room for weeks. I've been too chicken to try to sew a cover. 

Today I was out and about and bought some bolster pillows. They were perfect for each end of my little reading "sofa." I just decided I was going to figure out a no sew method of making a bolster pillow cover. I looked on Pinterest but didn't really see anything I wanted to do. After some thought, I decided to make them like those knotted fleece blankets that were so popular ten years ago and it worked!

I think my kinders are going to love it them. If you would like to make them, below is a little step-by-step, pictorial, tutorial...thingy. I will post the pictures of the final result of the iron crib re-purpose in a couple of weeks when it is all done.